FAA Regulatory Support

The purpose of the company is to provide consulting services in all things aviation aviation maintenance. .  

As an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector, of my years of experience and training have provided me with the knowledge and experience you need for your maintenance organization. I can provide support and guidance for the following functions; 

FAR 145 Repair Station

FAR 142/147 Maintenance Training

Subject Matter Expert

BCS adheres to all confidentially requirements between consultants and clients. Reports of findings and recommendations will only be provided to the contracted. Any documents or reports provided to BCS for review and advice will remain the property of the contracted persons. All copies of said documents will be returned upon completion of the contract. BCS will not maintain files of proprietary information or share the information to anyone. 
Should any you need any assistance in anyone of the subject areas listed above, feel free to contact me for a consultation.

About  BCS